Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The hockey trade that wasn't

It was trade deadline. Kelly Kisio was in his second year in San Jose under coach George Kingston. San Jose was in Chicago.

"About a half-hour before the deadline, I got traded to Chicago. I talked to Darryl Sutter (then a Chicago coach), who said, 'Come on down tonight and we'll get your gear over to our dressing room. We'll decide if you play tonight.' I phoned my wife, phoned my agent, everything was fine."
Before leaving for the rink, the trade was nullified. A fax didn't go through. Kisio spoke with Chicago head coach Mike Keenan, who said they couldn't do anything about it, go home, and they'd sort it out. "I went home and cleaned my garage for two days, didn't hear from anybody. The deal didn't go through. I got back to the dressing room in time for a team picture with San Jose. Chicago went to the finals that year."


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