Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Everyone needs a dad like Doug Gilmour

Tough-nosed center Doug Gilmour had a stellar NHL career that spanned over the course of 20 seasons. As a youngster playing hockey, he had three goals in one game. After the game, he put his gear in the trunk of the car. At home, when he went to get it out, his dad said, "That stuff is not coming out." Gilmour asked, "What do you mean?" His dad said, "Well, you didn't do anything out there today. You didn't work. Everything came natural for you, so forget it, it's staying in there. If you want to go back and play, you take that out and go work next time."

The next game, Gilmour didn't have any points, so he wondered what his dad would say now. It was, "Good game." Gilmour recognized the lesson immediately. Give it a good effort. Work hard and you'll succeed had been his mandate throughout his career.


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