Saturday, July 21, 2007

Feeling violated

Nobody was a bigger Michael Vick fan than me. Ask anybody. To me, he was the most magical player I had ever seen. The way he ran, the unpredictability of his moves, how he could make three guys miss him in a row. Mike Vick was a football God.

I knew he had his problems off the field. We all recall the Ron Mexico fiasco. Trouble seemed to follow him wherever he went, much like his brother Marcus during his final year at Vi Tech. But this, this is beyond redemption.

Yes, I have had pets all my life, including dogs. Like many pet owners and parents, we all get frustrated and anger at some animal behaviors (like my cat Luke's attempt to run away from his vomit, thus equaling backwards projectile throughout the whole house). But dog fighting, for those who are wondering what the big deal is, is a dehumanizing systematic abuse of dogs, which are bred to tear each other limb to limb while sub-humans cheer them on and bet on the outcomes. There is no affection towards these animals. In fact, quite the opposite. They are void of affection and sometimes food so that they will become more aggressive. Domesticated dogs in heat don't usually need a rape stand for breeding. That's how aggressive they become. It's doubtful any rescued dog can ever be integrated into a family environment, but at least they would be put down humanely. We've all read the indictment about how they are destroyed by their breeders. Sub-human, indeed.

I personally feel betrayed, sickened, and punched in the stomach. How anyone human can be involved in such heinous and systematically abusive acts -- it puts Michael Vick a step down from serial killer (there are scientific links to animal abuse and serial killing). He is in the same pot as a child molester, who do much of the same -- the systematic abuse, breeding, and sometimes killing of smaller humans who are incapable of standing up for themselves or fighting back.

While the NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is growing some balls, the Falcons need to suspend him indefinitely -- now -- and permanently should he be convicted. If not, the team might as well mail in all the two points to its opponents because the media circus has just begun. It's the only way for the team to redeem its fans.

I wished it would have been anybody else, even any other team. Nobody wanted to believe Mike Vick more than me. He betrayed me, the commissioner, his team, and is now what I would call box office poison. For the sake of the NFL fans and players as they embark into training camp this week, Mr. Goodell and Mr. Arthur Blank, please end this now.


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