Thursday, March 25, 2010

National Lacrosse League's Reaction to Hit on Kelusky

On behalf of Doug Fritts, National Lacrosse League
March 25, 2010

The National Lacrosse League has completed its review of the incident involving contact made by Orlando Titans’ defenseman Rory Smith upon Calgary Roughnecks forward Tracey Kelusky at the 5:42 mark of the third quarter in the Calgary at Orlando game on March 20th.
Upon review of the incident, the league has determined that Smith engaged in an avoidable body check to Kelusky above the shoulders after Kelusky had already shot the ball at the net. The check is in violation of NLL Rule 70 (Illegal Bodychecking). The league also found that Smith had taken more than two steps after Kelusky shot the ball, which is in violation of Rule 70.3. The league's review of the incident included review of the game video as well as consideration of any statements submitted by the participants. As per Rule 70.8, the league has assessed Smith a game misconduct.

Smith has now accrued four game misconducts during the 2010 season and thus must be assessed an automatic one game suspension. As per Rule 40.2, a player that accrues three game misconducts in a season receives an automatic one-game suspension. For each additional game misconduct beyond three in a season, an additional one-game suspension is handed down. The suspension is subject to the player filing an appeal to a neutral arbitrator under the provisions of the Collective Bargaining Agreement between the NLL and the players association.

Doug Fritts
Vice President of Communications
National Lacrosse League

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