Thursday, March 25, 2010

Kelusky Out With Concussion for Next Divisional Match-Up

March 25, 2010 CALGARY, AB

The National Hockey League isn't the only league crying fowl over shots to the head these days. The National Lacrosse League seems to have its issues, too -- a least with respect to a controversial hit on the Calgary Roughneck's star captain.

In a 13-6 win over the Orlando Titans last weekend, a hit by Rory Smith will keep Tracey Kelusky out of the lineup for Friday's game against the Minnesota Swarm.

Kelusky believed the hit was high -- delivered just as he flung a backhand shot after picking up a loose ball. He said he felt helmet-to-helmet contact. Smith did receive five minutes for checking from behind. He took another identical penalty earlier in the game. The Roughnecks are still waiting for the league to come down with something more.

While the team is still in contention, not having its star player going into a divisional match-up is not an ideal situation.

Head Coach Dave Pym thinks Kelusky is one of the best in the game.

"He can take a team on his back. And when we're down and we need those big goals, he's the kind of guy you can go to and look to to bring us back in a game that maybe we didn't really deserve to be in. He's that kind of guy. That's why he's such an inspirational leader in our room."

Kelusky leads the NLL in goals with 26 and is 10th in scoring (26 goals, 25 assists, 51 points). Meanwhile, teammate Josh Sanderson leads the league scoring with 23 goals, 49 assists, and 72 points.

Calgary is tied for second place with Edmonton (both 6-4), behind first-place Washington (7-3). Minnesota is two games back of the Alberta teams, hoping to make the standings even tighter.

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