Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Day Two -- Canadian National Men's Team Evaluation Camp

Simon Gagne went home on Tuesday after his groin started pulling on him. He went to get things checked out by his Philadelphia doctor. If he is able to start the season and play for the first three regular season months, he can still make the team.

It was made clear by Assistant Coach Ken Hitchcock, however, that this year, they would choose healthy players -- something he admits was their mistake in 2006.

If the regular season is what bases the decision as to who makes the cut, then Dany Heatley ought to start becoming a team player with the Sens. While it's still a mystery for some that he was chosen over Marc Savard, perhaps an argument can be made for many. As Martin St. Louis commented, Canada could very well field two teams in the Olympics.

Mike Babcock says everybody has to earn their spot, even Roberto Luongo and Martin Brodeur. If Cam Ward, Marc-Andre Fleury, and Steve Mason outplays them during the regular season, that will help them get the nod. Babcock says it's simple: outplay your competition if you want a shot at this team.

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